Thursday, May 23, 2013


I think it is important in these blogs that we authors share a few details about ourselves now and again. I think it helps us connect to our readers. That doesn't mean I am telling you my address or phone number unless you show up with a cooler of beer, a full gas tank and a secret spot you want to share.

So a short bit, I haven't been posting much (not that any one reads this thing yet) because I have been finishing up the details of a research project I have been working on for about a year and a half now. I recently graduated with my BS in Geology from Sacramento State. I did some research in the Klamath (of which I am sure you can see the benefit  and finally put a poster together to present at this years Geologic Society of America's Cordilleran section meeting in Fresno CA. If anyone cares you can take a look at my poster and research HERE.

It was a great experience to sink my teeth into some real research and culminate it in a concise poster.

Now what?? Well I have been looking for work for some time now and no luck. This slow California economy can kiss my ass!! So if you know anyone looking for a top level graduate with a BS in geology you know know where to find him!!


BTW some good friends of mine are having a wedding in some prime fishing territory this weekend. I love them even more now!! They'll be lucky if I make it to the ceremony haha.

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