Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY bobbin threader and tenkara fly threader

I will bet all of us have some copper wire or other fine strong wire in our box of materails. If not or if you don't tie after this write up you may want to keep a small spool in your fishing bag. With it you can make a lot of very small, strong tools to help you at the vise or on the stream.

To make a bobbin threader just put a small loop in a piece of small gauge wire. Make the loop tight but, not so tight you can't put thread threw it with ease. Don't let the wire twist up because you will want to spread it apart below the loop. This will create a spring effect with the wire that allows you to put it through to bobbin pipe but, has the bounce back to open up and easily put the thread through. I wrapped up the extra wire on the end to make a small handle. I imagine a Popsicle stick would work well also. This is also a good solution when you realize you left your threader at home on a long fishing trip.

If you are new to tying flies and are thinking this is a tool you can skip. YOUR WRONG!! unless you have a lot of patience of which I have none. It is really hard to thread a bobbin without one. I am sure some long time commercial tier my disagree but, it is so cheap and easy to make one. Good luck and tightlines!!

BTW you might wonder why I have the words Tenkara fly threader up top. The real reason is I am shameless! I recently made a post about Tenkara and in a week it had more views that any of my other posts. So with only currently 218 blog views I am going to be a little shameless with the word Tenakara. At least until I get a few more hits. BTW I do love Tenkara and hope my blog helps spread it's use as another tool in your fishing toolbox.

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