Monday, March 11, 2013


Welcome to my DIY Fly Fishing blog. This will be a blog for the budget minded angler as well as, the DIY enthusiast. I don't plan on listing how to fish the salt flats on your own or plan your own trip to Patagonia. These posts will be about small projects to save some money, recycle/reuse/re-purpose items and enjoy creating useful things. So why did I start doing things DIY? Well I am broke!! I am out of work like so many other people in this country but, that doesn't mean I don't want to fly fish every minute of every day. This sport has (and will probably always) been a rich mans sport. I would love to see that change and this is my step towards that goal.

I'll leave you with a little video I put together. This video was shot on a creek about a 10 minute drive, 30 minute bike ride from my house. I LOVE TO TROUT FISH however, I will take any kind of fishing I can get and that is what I get on my local creek. It's full of bass, blue gill and lots of pike minnows. While its not entirely DIY the rod I am using in most of the film is my grandpa's old rod (he is 85 btw) so this rod has to be about 50 years old. We found it in his garage; the tip was broke, missing a guide and the wraps need to be touched up. It's and old Conolon Fanwing FW7103-710. So with a little work and about 20$ I fixed what needed to be done and took it for a spin. I LOVE THIS ROD, it is perfect for small streams since it loads so well; I can cast the leader alone. Just goes to show you don't HAVE to spend a ton to really enjoy what you do. Thanks!!

This video was shot with a Waterproof Kodak Play>Sport attached to a Gorilla Pod attached to my chest pack.

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