Monday, March 11, 2013

Bobbin holder

Recently I have been frustrated that all my tying materials are just spread out on a table. Being organized when trying to actually get things done is very important to me. So I'll post some of the things I have been putting together to keep things neat and tidy. First is an easy to make bobbin holder.

I just used some scrap wood I had that turned out to be just the right size. Next I drilled some small holes just about the size of some bbq skewers I had in a drawer. Then globbed on some wood glue on the skewers and put them in the holes. Wood glue is best but I'm sure any glue would do. Finely I sanded up the ends of the skewers just to clean the ends up a bit. Works quite well. Only thing I would change would be to actually measure the size of the bobbins before drilling the holes. I over estimated and could have put 1-3 more bobbins per racks.

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